MBM Models


TQD Miniatures - 1/72
A = € 2,60B = € 3,60C = € 4,50D = € 5,50
E = € 6,50F = € 7,50G = € 8,50H = € 9,50
 WW II 1936-1945 German Army 
GH 01AFV mechanic set (5 figures)D
GH 021943-1945 Winter Overall Infantry, incl. Officer (6 figures)E
GH 031943-1945 Winter Infantry, incl. LMG and NCO (6 figures)E
GH 041943-1945 Winter Infantry, incl. Radio and sniper (6 figures)E
GH 051943-1945 Winter Infantry, incl. tank hunters (4 figures)C
GH 061943-1945 Winter Infantry, MMG42 team (5 figures)D
GH 071943-1945 Winter Infantry, 81 mm Mortar team (5 figures)D
GH 081936-1945 Marching summer infantry I (5 figures)D
GH 091936-1945 Bareheaded summer infantry I (4 figures)C
GH 101936-1945 Marching summer infantry II (5 figures)D
GH 111936-1945 Bareheaded summer infantry II (4 figures)C
GH 121944-1945 Late War Germans, mixed poses I (5 figures)D
GH 131944-1945 Late War Germans, mixed poses II (5 figures)D
GH 14Speer Korp aux troops mix (5 figures)D
GH 151944-1945 WWII set incl. 2 Feldgendarme (5 figures)D
GH 161944-1945 WWII Grenadiers with anti-tank weapons (5 figures)D
GH 171944-1945 WWII Grenadiers with MG42 (4 figures)C
GH 18Polizei Set, ZB37 gunner & number 2, police AFV crew & guard (5 figures)D
GH 19Officer with MP40, MG34 Gunner, Soldier with MP28 and Hiwi with cleaverC
GH 20Stressed Staff Officers and General (6 figures)E
GH 21Army Snipers (3 figures)B
GH 22Combat unit in M43 hooded smocks (6 figures)E
GH 23Eastern Front veterans in parkas (4 figures)C
GH 24Identical Germans armed with MP44's (3 figures)B
GH 25German POW's (3 figures)B
GH 26German Panzer crew re-arming (5 figures)D
GH 27Late War Panzer crew relaxing (5 figures)D
GH 281936-1945 Great coated infantry marching with MG34 (5 figures)D
GH 291936-1945 Great coated infantry marching (5 figures)D
GH 301936-1943 Assault infantry (4 figures)C
GH 31Erwin Rommel (1 figure)€ 01,00
GH 331942-1945 Winter infantry mixed poses (5 figures)D
GH 34Anti-Partisan infantry (4 figures)C
GH 35Goliath team incl. Officer & radio control operator (4 figures)C
GH 36German rifleman running with rifle (separate arms for different poses) (3 figures)B
GH 37German assault Grenadiers for knieling figures (4 figures, mixed heads)C
GFM 01Mediterranean Theatre Fallschirmjaeger marching half squad incl. MG34 (5 figs)D
GFM 02Mediterranean Theatre Fsj marching Command group incl. radio (5 figures)D
GFM 031942-1945 Fallschirmjaeger for Mediterranean theatre, fighting poses (6 figures)E
GFM 041942-1945 Fallschirmjaeger fighting poses (5 figures)D
GFW 011944-1945 Fallschirmjaeger with Soviet weapons and grenades (2 figures)A
GFW 021944-1945 Late War Winter Fallschirmjaeger I (4 figures)C
GFW 031944-1945 Late War Winter Fallschirmjaeger II (4 figures)C
GFW 041944-1945 Late War Fallschirmjaeger (2 figures)A
GFW 051944-1945 Winter Fallschirmjaeger riflemen (4 figures)C
GFW 061944-1945 Winter Fallschirmjaeger Special Weapons I (4 figures)C
GFW 071944-1945 Winter Fallschirmjaeger Special Weapons II (4 figures)C
GFW 081944-1945 Winter Fallschirmjaeger MG42 team (4 figures)C
GFW 091944-1945 Winter Fallschirmjaeger advancing with MG (3 figures)B
GFG 011943-1945 Fallschirmjaeger Generic gun crew I (5 figures)D
GFG 021943-1945 Fallschirmjaeger Generic gun crew II (3 figures)B
GFN 011944 Normandy Fallschirmjaeger I (5 figures)D
GFN 021944 Normandy Fallschirmjaeger II (3 figures)B
 Waffen SS 
GS 01Propaganda shoot (panzer Meier) Normandy 1944 (3 figures & dog)C
GS 02SD Troops with Officer and General (5 figures)D
GS 03Oberführer Eastern Front (1 figure)€ 01,00
GS 04SS Officers (5 figures)D
GS 05SS Snipers (3 figures)B
GS 061938-1943 Early War Waffen SS (3 figures)B
GS 071944-1945 12th SS Hitler Jugend (4 figures)C
GS 07 A1944-1945 12th SS Hitler Jugend (3 figures)B
GS 08Waffen SS NCO's in Early smocks armed with MP40 (3 figures)B
GS 09Waffen SS in Early smocks with K98 (3 figures)B
GS 10Waffen SS in Early type smocks with auto rifles (3 figures)B
GS 11Waffen SS in Early smocks with MP44 (3 figures)B
GS 12Waffen SS Grenadiers in Early smocks with MG34 (3 figures)B
GS 13Waffen SS Tank Hunters in early smocks with Panzerfausts (3 figures)B
GS 141944-1945 WWII Waffen SS Grenadier set (5 figures)D
GS 151944 Waffen SS ambush at Poteau (5 figures)D
GS 161944 Ardennes Waffen SS Command (4 figures)C
GS 171944 Ardennes SS Panzer Command (4 figures)C
GS 18Late War SS Panzer Crew refuelling (6 figures)E
GS 19Waffen SS LAH Black Parade (5 figures)D
GS 211945 33rd Div. SS Grenadiers (5 figures)D
GS 22SS Man with cigarettes, sniper, RONA Officer and LMG gunner (4 figures)C
GS 23Waffen SS armed with Panzerfausts, MP40 and PPSH 41's (5 figures)D
GS 241944 Joachim Peiper Waffen SS Command set (5 figures and chair)D
GS 251944 Eastern Front Oberführer, Officer MP40, Flamethrower, PPSH 41 (4 figs)C
GS 261944-1945 Waffen SS Grenadiers with SMGS (5 figures)D
GS 271944-1945 Waffen SS Grenadiers with mixed weapons (5 figures)D
GS 281944-1945 Waffen SS MG 34/42 team / camo smocks separate heads (4 figures)C
GS 291944-1945 Waffen SS mortar team / camo smocks separate heads (4 figures)C
GS 30Waffen SS Grenadiers mixed weapons (4 figures)C
GS 31Waffen SS forward observation team (4 figures)C
GS 32Waffen SS mortar team with mortar, separate heads (4 figures)C
GS 33Waffen SS Partisan hunters incl. officer (3 figures) B
GS 34Waffen SS Partisan hunters (3 figures) B
 German Kharkov Waffen SS 
GSK 01Kharkov SS Grenadier MG42 team standing (3 figures)B
GSK 02Kharkov SS Grenadier MG42 team kneeling (3 figures)B
GSK 03Kharkov SS Grenadiers kneeling (4 figures)C
GSK 04Kharkov SS Grenadier supporting a wounded panzer crewman (2 figures)A
GSK 05Kharkov SS Grenadiers move/fire poses (5 figures)D
GSK 06Kharkov SS Grenadiers command incl. Obersturmbahn Fuhrer Mayer (3 figures)B
GSK 07Kharkov SS Grenadiers Tank Hunters (3 figures)B
GSK 08Kharkov SS Grenadiers Squad (5 figures)D
GSK 09Kharkov SS Grenadiers bailed out Tank Crew (4 figures)C
GSK 10Kharkov SS Grenadiers MG42 team prone (3 figures)B
GSK 11Kharkov SS Grenadiers Anti Aircraft Gun Crew (3 figures)B
GSK 12Kharkov SS Grenadiers Anti Tank Gun Crew (3 figures)B
GSK 131942-1943 Waffen SS Winter Tank Riders (6 figures)E
GSK 151942-1943 Waffen SS PZB41 crew, gunner and loader (2 figures)A
GSK 161942-1943 Waffen SS Generic gun crew (3 figures)B
GSK 171942-1943 Waffen SS Generic gun crew II with mortar (3 figures)B
GSK 201942-1943 Waffen SS Ambushed motorcyclists (3 figures)B
GSK 211942-1943 Waffen SS Grenadiers advancing incl. MG42 (5 figures)D
GSK 221942-1943 Waffen SS Prone MG42 team (4 figures)C
GSK 231942-1943 Waffen SS Grenadiers advancing incl. radio (5 figures)D
GSK 241942-1943 Waffen SS MG42 team advancing (3 figures)B
GSK 25 1942-1943 Kharkov SS Sniper team (2 figures and wall)B
GV 011945 Berlin defenders mixed fighting group (5 figures)D
GV 021944-1945 Hitler Youth Volkssturm I (5 figures)D
GV 031944-1945 Hitler Youth Volkssturm II (5 figures)D
GV 04Volkssturm Straf Patrol (3 figures)B
GV 05Feuer Schutzpolizei I (4 figures)C
GV 06Feuer Schutzpolizei II (4 figures)C
GV 07Feuer Schutzpolizei unit pack (8 figures)H
GV 08Hitler youth Volksturm with BDM girl Messenger (5 figures)
GV 09Volksturm advancing (4 figures)
GV 10Hitler youth Volksturm riding bike (1 figure & bike)A
 German accessories 
GA 03German zeltbahn tents (1 open, 1 closed)B
GA 04German fuel drums (2 castings of 2 drums)A
GA 05Goliath SD.KFZ302 (1 model)A
GA 06Goliath SD.KFZ303 (1 model)A
 1946 Neu Heer German Army 
NH 01Neu Heer Grenadiers with STG45 advancing (4 figures)C
NH 02Neu Heer Grenadiers with STG45 & MG42 team (4 figures)C
NH 03Grenadier Command Group incl. radio (5 figures)D
NH 041946 Alternative Luftfaust Team incl. A/T and AA poses (4 figures)C
NH 05Gross Deutschland Sturm Korp Grenadiers with M42 helmet (5 figures)D
NH 06Grenadiers mixed poses with DP-LMG (5 figures)D
NH 07X-7 ATGM Team (4 figures)C
NH 08Nacht Jagd Kommando with I.R. weapons (4 figures)C
NH 09Nacht Jagd Kommando with I.R. weapons (4 figures)C
NH 10Neu Heer Half Squad Reservists (5 figures)D
NH 11Neu Heer Rocket Troopers (4 figures 2x2)C
NH 12Neu Heer Grenadiers with Officer (5 figures)D
NH 13Grenadiers mixed poses (5 figures)D
 WW II 1938-1945 RED ARMY 
RK 01NKVD Command set incl. Radio and Sniper (4 figures)C
RK 02NKVD Riflemen set I (5 figures)D
RK 03NKVD Riflemen set II (5 figures)D
RK 04NKVD Interrogators (2 figures)A
RK 05NKVD 5cm Mortar and Crew & AT Rifle (4 figures)C
RK 06NKVD Maxim HMG and Crew (4 figures)C
 Red Army Infantry 
RI 01Soviet Snipers (3 figures)B
RI 021943 Red Army Riflemen advancing (4 figures)C
RI 031943 Red Army Squad Command (3 figures)B
RI 041943 Red Army Riflemen Skirmishing (3 figures)B
RI 051943 Red Army Riflemen wearing soft caps (5 figures)D
RI 061943 Red Army Command wearing soft caps (5 figures)D
RI 071943-1945 Red Army Infantry I (5 figures)D
RI 081943-1945 Red Army Infantry II (5 figures)D
RI 091942-1943 Infantry wearing Greatcoats and helmets (4 figures)C
RI 101942-1943 Red Army Officers (3 figures)A
RI 111942-1943 Infantry wearing Greatcoats (5 figures)D
RI 14Soviet Close Combat Infantry (Telogreika Quilted Jackets & Trousers) (3 figures)B
RI 15Soviet Close Combat Infantry (Telogreika Quilted Jackets & Trousers) (4 figures)C
RI 16Red Army Infantry in Greatcoats with Flame throwers (2 figures)A
 Red Army Tank Crews 
RT 01Winter Tank Crew (3 ¾ figures)A
RT 02Summer Tank Crew (3 ¾ figures)A
 Red Army Airborne 
RS 01Red Army Airborne infantry I (5 figures)D
RS 02Red Army Airborne infantry II (5 figures)D
RS 03Soviet Airborne I including Partisan Guide (6 figures)E
RS 04Soviet Airborne II including Partisan Guide (6 figures)E
 Soviet Partisans 
RP 01Partisan Command set incl. Radio and Commander (5 figures)D
RP 02Soviet Partisans with detonator, knife, sniper, etc. (5 figures)D
RP 03Partisan leader and armed reporter and mixed figures (5 figures)D
 British Infantry 
BR 01WWII Officers, firing and loading infantry (5 figures)D
BR 02Riflemen advancing with supplies (5 figures)D
BR 03Officer, DR Rider and Padre (3 figures)B
BR 04British Snipers (3 figures)B
BR 05British Riflemen in windproof smocks (5 figures)D
BR 06British Squad Command in windproof smocks (5 figures)D
BR 07Mediterranean Theatre British infantry Squad with Bren (5 figures)D
BR 08Mediterranean Theatre British infantry in shorts advancing (2 figures)A
 British Tank Crew 
BT 01WWII Dismounted tank crew firing weapons (4 figures)C
 British Paratroopers 
BP 01British Airborne Command (5 figures)D
BP 02WWII British Paratrooper Command set incl. personalities (5 figures)D
BP 03WWII British Paratrooper infantry I (5 figures)D
BP 04WWII British Paratrooper infantry II (5 figures)D
BP 05WWII British Paratrooper Vickers MMG team firing (3 figures)B
BP 06WWII British Paratrooper Piat team (2 figures)A
BP 07WWII British Paratrooper 50 mm Mortar team (2 figures)A
 British Commandos 
BC 01British Commando killing German Sentry (2 figures)A
BC 02British Commando Raider Command (3 figures)B
BC 03British Commando Raiders I (4 figures)C
BC 04British Commando Raiders II (4 figures)C
 Polish Paratroopers 
PP 01WWII Polish Paratroopers wearing berets incl. Officer (5 figures)D
PP 02WWII Polish Paratroopers wearing berets incl. pram with Panzerfausts (5 figs)D
PP 03WWII Polish Paratroopers wearing helmets incl. Officer (5 figures)D
PP 04WWII Polish Paratroopers wearing helmets incl. pram with Panzerfausts (5 figs)D
PP 05Bear headed Paratroopers mixed poses (5 figures)D
PP 06Marching Polish Paratroopers I (4 identical figures with headdress mix) C
PP 07Marching Polish Paratroopers II (4 identical figures with headdress mix)C
 Polish Home Army (AK) 
PH 01Wearing home made/captured Waffen SS uniforms & equipment I (5 figures)D
PH 02Wearing home made/captured Waffen SS uniforms & equipment II (5 figures)D
PH 03MG 42 team and runner (4 figures)C
PH 03 AMG 42 team and runner with wall piece (4 figures and wall)D
PH 04Squad leader and mixed figures (5 figures)D
PH 05Piat, flamethrower, BAR gunner and messenger (5 figures)D
PH 06Mixed fighters (4 figures)C
 1940 French Cavalry Motorcyclists / Infanterie Motorisee 
FR 01French Cavalry Motorcyclists / Infanterie Motorisee skirmishing (4 figures)C
FR 02French Cavalry Motorcyclists / Infanterie Motorisee kneeling (4 figures)C
FR 03French Cavalry Motorcyclists / Inf. Motorisee prone LMG team (2 figures)A
FR 04French Cavalry Motorcyclists / Inf. Motorisee LMG team advancing (2 figs)A
FR 05French Cavalry Motorcyclists / Infanterie Motorisee mortar team (4 figures)C
FR 06French Cav. Motorcyclists / Inf. Motorisee Mle.37 25mm gun crew (3 figs)B
FR 07Dismounted French tank crewmen (2 figures)A
 US Airborne 
AA 011944-1945 US Airborne infantry with M1 Garand wearing M43 suit (4 figures)C
AA 021944-1945 US Airborne inf. with rifles, grenade launcher & Bazooka (4 figs)C
AA 031944-1945 US Airborne Command team with Officer, RTO & spotter (5 figures)D
AA 04US Airborne Support group moving with .30, Bazooka, LMG (5 figures)D
AA 051944-1945 Abn support incl. pathfinder, Officer and sniper (5 figures)D
AA 061944-1945 US Airborne .30cal MMG firing team (4 figures)C
AA 071944-1945 US Airborne 81 mm Mortar team + 2 crew (3 figures)B
AA 081944-1945 US Airborne 60 mm Mortar and 3 firing crew (4 figures)C
AA 09US Airborne infantry and pilot boarding aircraft (6 figures)E
 US Infantry 
AI 01US General, MP and Sniper with Russian rifle (3 figures)B
AI 02US Riflemen skirmishing (5 figures)D
AI 03US NCO's skirmishing (4 figures)C
AI 04US Infantry with Browning automatic rifles (3 figures)B
AI 05US Infantry Bazooka team (2 figures)A
AI 06US Infantry HBT uniform (5 figures)D
AI 07Bangalore torpedo team (2 figures)A
AI 08Moving firing poses (5 figures)D
AI 09Moving firing poses including flamethrower and bazooka (5 figures)D
 US Winter Infantry 
AWI 01US Military Police at checkpoint (2 figures)A
AWI 02US Winter Infantry walking/marching (4 figures)C
AWI 03US Winter Infantry Command (4 figures)C
AWI 04US Winter Infantry with fixed bayonets (4 figures)C
 Miscellaneous Sets 
MIS 01Deep Sea diver (2 figures)A
MIS 02Gestapo Officers I (4 figures)C
MIS 03Gestapo Officers II (3 figures)B
MIS 04Dead figures covered by blankets (3 figures)B
MIS 08British police 1900 - 1950 (3 figures)B
MIS 09British police with rifles 1900 - 1950 (3 figures)B
MIS 10British police with rifles II (3 figures)B
MIS 11British police squad (10 figure pack)H
 Darkest Africa (1870-1900) 
DA 011879 British Infantry/Scouts (6 figures)E
DA 021879 British Infantry - mixed poses (5 figures)D
 Modern Commonwealth 1946-present time 
MF 01SAS Commando's 80's style - mixed heads with equipment packs (6 figures)F
MF 02British Army Infantry 80's style - mixed heads with equipment packs (6 figures)F
 ACCESSORIES (home interior) 
MC 01Kitchen table and 2 chairsA
MC 02Wardrobe and chest of drawersA
MC 03Double bed and washstandA
MC 042 Plump armchairs and occasional tableA
MC 052 Plump armchairs and gramophoneA
MC 06Upright piano and stoolA
MC 07Dining room table and 4 chairsA
MC 083 Dustbins and lidsA
MC 093 SuitcasesA
MC 102 GibbetsA
MC 11Kitchen chairs (4 models)A
MC 12Dining room chairs (4 models)A
CM 01Re-supply of ammunition for infantry (3)A
CM 02Re-supply of small arms munitions for infantry (3)A
CM 03Rally troops + OK (3)A
CM 04AFV minefield marker (3)A
CM 05Infantry disorder / routed (3)A
CM 06Wounded / medic / rally point marker (3)A
CM 07Gas / nerve attack marker (3)A
CM 08Re-supply of fuel for vehicle or AFV (3)A
CM 09Dead figures, covered by blankets (3)A